Health Silk Road in the 5G Era, 28th China International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition and Technology Exchange

2019-08-22    11842
Health Silk Road in the 5G Era, 28th China International Medical Instruments and Equipment Exhibition and Technology Exchange

Supported by the National Health And Health Council and 26 provincial, municipal and autonomous health committees, the National Health and Health Commission Center for International Exchange and Cooperation, the China Hospital Association, The 28th China-Hospeq 2019 China International Medical Equipment Exhibition and Technology Exchange (China-Hospeq2019), co-sponsored by the China Medical Equipment Association, was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing from August 16 to 18, 2019. In this comprehensive exhibition platform, co-sponsored by the most representative and authoritative institutions in the domestic health sector, such as the innovation/adaptation product technology display, the industry product policy launch, the procurement of medical equipment tenders and the education and training of professionals in various disciplines, Kangda Intercontinental carries a number of CT/nuclear magnet, flat C arm, color super, oral CT, DR and breast machine to participate in this health event, in addition to the national medical institutions at all levels to show the latest technical achievements in the field of medical equipment, but also hope to achieve good communication with the national government and health supervision and management and security departments. With the theme of "Health Silk Road in the 5G Era", the exhibition invites more than 200 boutique enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions, including China, Germany, the United States and Japan, to participate in the exhibition, covering imagery, artificial intelligence, medical testing, high-value medical supplies, ophthalmology, international medical rescue and other fields. During the same period, the 2019 Beijing Health Conference, the 2nd China-Arab Health Cooperation Forum, the 11th Beijing Medical Imaging Development Forum, the Beijing Eye Conference and other international exchange activities were held on the theme of "Healthy China Construction in the 5G Era", with a strong academic atmosphere and a high degree of professionalism.


Innovative medical device research and development and artificial intelligence medical treatment in the 5G era are the direction of Kanda's focus, and are also the dual driving role of national policy and industry development. 5G has the characteristics of low latency, high rate, in addition to the 5G era of medical scene applications (remote imaging diagnosis, VR surgery, etc.), will also open a new era of the Internet of Things, with the field of artificial intelligence, voice interaction, computer vision and cognitive computing technology, the integration of artificial intelligence technology and medical health field is deepening. , gradually become an important factor to affect the development of the medical industry and improve the level of medical services. In 2019, medicine entered a new era, with Kangda Intercontinental following in the footsteps of the unknown, miraculous human future with wisdom.

Kangda C arm as a representative product line of Kangda therapeutic products, but also more innovative brand charm of the in-art radiography equipment. In addition to benefiting from the application of the later automated product production line, there are forward-looking new product development and product strategic planning design. In the rapid development of digital imaging, Kangda C arm has launched Tianmu orthopedic flat small C, hand and foot surgery MINI flat C arm and medium DSA-type flat C arm three flat C arm series; Foreign well-known radiographic service providers actively cooperate in product development and the development of high-end imaging technology such as 

Promoting suitable medical equipment technology, serving the development of national health, improving the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment, and achieving win-win situation is the career goal pursued by Kangda. We will not forget the beginning of the heart, forge ahead, for the new era of health care construction to contribute their own.