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Shanghai-electric Kangda is a professional platform company in the field of Medical Imaging and Dental Equipment. It provides to the customers with the excellent general solution. The headquarter of Kangda locates in Shanghai International Medical Zone. It adheres to the service concept of “We think about what you think”. Currently, Kangda has established the network sales system which includes every branch office in each Province in China. At the same time, Kangda also sets up overseas subsidiaries around the world. The aim of Kangda is to create a complete sales and service platform for the professional medical imaging and dental equipment which covers all the county-level cities by craftsmanship. 

At the initial stage, Kangda has just 50 partners. But they began to establish the network sales team. The sales team starts with one salesman in every Province, one sales team in each city and now it develops into every county, towns and cities with a complete sales team. The advantage of the network sales platform is not only enhance the reputation of Kangda in the medical industry, but also provides to the customers with the detailed product introduction and excellent after-sales services. 

Now Kangda Medical has a complete product line through importation, R&D and manufacturing partners. The complete product lines includes MRI, CT, Ultrasonics, X-ray Unit, DR, Mammo, C-arm, Mobile X-ray Unit, Bone Densitometer, Animals medical imaging, dental imaging system and dental chair.

Kangda Medical will create the intelligent healthcare and establish ecological medical system based on Internet Cloud Technology. The medical imaging remote diagnosis center based on the technology of Kangda Cloud will alleviate the embarrassing situation of uneven distribution of medical resources. Kangda Medical will establish the hospital investment company to have a business connection with the hospitals talents and professional groups with the aim of providing the value-added services including training and clinical education to the customers.

The two Chinese character”康达” means Health and Understanding. Kangda always strives for a brilliant future life. Currently kangda has already invested RMB 2.5 billion for establishing Kangda Intercontinental Meishan Health Industry Zone in Ningbo. This intelligient manufacturing center covers a construction area of 330,000 square meter and it will carry out complete business mode which includes joint venture cooperation, technology transfer and research and development. Kangda people will continue to work hard and gather together for striving for the dream of trillion Kangda by craftsmanship.

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In the next ten years, Kangda people will fully use all their wisdom and enthusiasm to continue to practice their mission, so that every Chinese can afford to buy the high-tech national medical equipment for the goal of achieving national health in the future.
Health is an important cornerstone of human survival and social development, more sophisticated medical equipment is our pursuit. In 1995, a group of young people, full of entrepreneurial ideals and the revitalization of the national medical industry, medical equipment technical services as a starting point, the creation of Kangda International Medical.
Subject to technical barriers from industry giants, Kangda found its first partner, General Medical Devices of Italy, in 1997 (GMM, Italy), as a result of Kangda embarked on a decade of medical imaging equipment marketing. In the years that followed, Kangda and GMM, TECHIX, SMAM, MT and other European professional manufacturers work together to grow together, Italy GMM has developed into a well-known European X-ray image equipment manufacturer, and Kangda's development is booming.

A sudden financial storm spread from the West, And Europe's manufacturing sector was also hit hard, and in 2003 Kangda extended its sharp market tentacles to South Korea, filling in time for the shrinking gap in the European market. 

In the same boat, sharing the spirit of win-win spirit of inspiration, in 2008 Kangda held a shareholders' meeting, 49 partners sincerely, together out of the comfort zone, confirmed the creation of national brands, independent research and development of production of enterprise transformation goals.
Kangda Medical Group combines industry mergers and acquisitions integration with independent research and development, through the new Huangpu Medical Equipment, Sende Technology, Talent Bio, The investment in mergers and acquisitions of high-tech enterprises such as Colorful amplitude magnetic resonance, and the creation of independent brands such as Kangda Medical Technology, have created a solid self-development The main research and development production base, completed the layout of the general and dental field, began to expand into the field of CT/MRT. 2013 The successful transformation of The Kangda settled in Shanghai International Medical Park, the first time with its own manufacturing base, 26,000 meters park into Manufacturing a starting point for Kangda.
On October 1, 2015, the 319-acre, 330,000-square-foot Kangda Intercontinental Health Industrial Park began laying the foundation in Meishan, Ningbo, on the east coast of the East China Sea, and will invest 2.5 billion yuan to build the largest single medical device park in China with research and development, production, service, training and clinical integration.
The deepening of medical reform and the rapid development of the market, always urged Kangda Medical to provide more, better, more comprehensive national brand products for the market, in 2016 Kangda Medical completed the share reform, the implementation of the "4.0+e" strategic layout, the implementation of intelligent industrial production, grid marketing after-sales, diversified financial services, Output specialized medical technology, build a data-based Internet of Things, Kangda people up and down, hand in hand.
In the ten years of Kangda's manufacturing, Kangda Intercontinental a series of heavy-duty products came out: Flying CT, Flying Magnetic Resonance, plate small C, Ultrasound, DR, mobile DR, medical vehicle DR ..., they are popular for superior performance, but also to fill the local manufacturing industry Blank: breast machine, gastrointestinal machine, bone density meter, oral CT, dental chair and other hundreds of new products will be born in Meishan, 10 billion output value of the goal the target will be implemented. Ten years of manufacturing, recorded the solid and steady pace of Kangda manufacturing, witnessed The Kangda manufacturing from the beginning to take off and go to the world's glory.


Kangda has a group of highly educated, high-quality, high-efficiency R&D, production, marketing and management talents. It is a team with innovation, progression, passion and with full of dreams.
Yongmei Guo GM

On December 25, 2018, Ningbo Women Entrepreneurs Association paid tribute to the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Association was held. Ms. Guo Yongmei, General Manager of Kangda Intercontinental Medical Devices Co., Ltd., won the "Ningbo Economic Women's Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award for the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up". As a veteran of the field of great health for more than 20 years, in Ningbo Meishan bonded port area to fight for more than three years of entrepreneurs, at this moment standing on the podium, Guo Yongmei General Manager feeling a thousand. In the heart of the dream and feelings, give me small, into the big me! There is always a lot of hard work behind successful people that ordinary people can't imagine. What kind of motivation can make a comfortable business general manager give up the previous superior life to a completely strange environment, in Meishan this remote island from scratch? The answer is undoubtedly a firm belief, a commitment to dreams, and a deep enough love for the life and health industry. In 2015, Kangda Intercontinental Medical Devices Co., Ltd. was established in Ningbo, and the foundation of The Intercontinental Industrial Park of Kangda was inaugurated. Because shanghai headquarters affairs are also inseparable from her, Guo always set out in the early morning, late at night, in Shanghai-Ningbo between the back and forth, her car has become a Shanghai-Yuan high-speed frequent flyer. With the full launch of the first phase of The Intercontinental Industrial Park of Kangda, Guo led the team stationed on Meishan Island. At that time, the island's supporting facilities are not perfect, Kangda team can only be in the management committee canteen. Because of her busy work, often missing meals, and sometimes even using only one meal a day, she never complains and hotly leads the team to solve one problem after another. After three years of fighting day after day, sacrifice all personal time, Guo always from the original outlander fully integrated into The Hot Land of Meishan, Kangda Intercontinental and Meishan Bonded Port District together witnessed each other's growth and perfection. On October 26, 2018, the first phase of the park 13 standardized production plants were completed and put into operation, like plum blossoms in full bloom. Kangda Intercontinental held a grand opening ceremony, from all over the country industry experts and professors, leaders at all levels, the news media, friends from all walks of life to witness this exciting moment, and send a beautiful blessing. Standing in an orderly park, thinking about the expected realization of the 10 billion output value, Guo is extremely pleased. Express news: Kangda Intercontinental Flying 32 row 16-story CT won the 2017 Ningbo City equipment manufacturing focus area first (set), Ningbo industrial new products second prize; C-arm surgical system based on flat-panel technology has also been well received in clinical applications in several triple-A hospitals in China. Under Guo's leadership, Kangda Intercontinental's independent research and development products are among the high-end medical device product sqes. When a proud report card presented in front of us, Guo's three years of hard work have long been lost, and at the same time feel that there is still a lot to do. Park phase II continues to be tense, the effect map step by step become a reality, a high-rise rise, when the product from scratch, from there to fine, when a brand obscurity to the hearts of the people, when the national health industry is booming, the original dream will eventually come true, for Guo, more hard is worth it.   Today, Cheng Meng Ningbo affirmed that Guo won the "40th anniversary of reform and opening-up Ningbo Economic Women's Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award" is not only a real name, but also to continue to move forward with endless motivation. Without a cold bone, which plum blossom nose? From the bustling Shanghai to the remote East China Sea, Yumei always rooted in Meishan, ploughing for several years, The flower of Kangda finally quietly bloomed in Ningbo. Praise for entrepreneurs, cheer for those who stick to it!

Corporate Culture

At the beginning of its establishment. The starting point of Shanghai Kangda Medical Equipment Group Corporation.,Ltd is outsourcing of imaging equipment. Therefore, we have always placed our customers for the first position. Over the past few years, we have always adhered to the business culture of we think about what you think. The culture of we think about what you think is deeply imprinted on the heart of every Kangda colleague.
  • Company Vision

    Establishing global advanced medical equipment intelligent manufacture platform

  • Company Mission

    Using the national advanced medical equipment to create Healthy China dream

  • Core Value

    Sharing win-win; Innovation; Craftsmanship

Sales Network

Now Kangda has more than 1000 sales people at all levels. Its sales network covers all over China including the hospitals in every county, towns and cities. You can always see our empolyees when you need them for support. Our localized the sales team and service team will provide to you with face to face immidiate support and excellent services.


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